Meet the Judges

This years judges to be selected will be a wide range of talented, innovative and inspirational women from the Public and Private sector.

Our judges will have a diverse skill range and will be carefully selected based on their expertise and professionalism The Black WOMEN IN BUSINESS Awards 2018 The Black Women in Business Awards is free to enter, the number of award entries are not limited.

Entry is open to organisations based in the UK.
Brenda’s media career has been long-standing and consistent. Over the years she has extended her professional skills in television broadcasting, radio and print journalism. She is currently BBC London News’ Art, Culture and Entertainment Correspondent - a role which allows her to combine creativity and journalism across television, radio and on-line output.

Mavis Amankwah is an award-winning entrepreneur; specializing in marketing, PR, diversity communications and business sustainability. Her vision began in 2002 when she noticed that there was a major gap in the market where corporate and commercial organisations needed to tap into diverse and hard-to-reach audiences but had challenges engaging with them.

“I’m driven by the passion to see real and lasting change. My mission is to continue to steer the diversity agenda and create a more inclusive environment in creative industry for people from a myriad of ethnicities and backgrounds. From the boardroom, all the way down to entry-level.”

Rhoda Wilson is the creator, producer and one of the executive producers of Miracles of the Christmas Angels which had a successful and well attended premiere on the 10th of November 2017 at the Vue Cinema in Westfield Stratford. The production from pre-production to completion took 19 months; started April 2015 and delivered October 2017.



We aspire to encourage young black women in their journeys to push boundaries, whilst celebrating the commitments of Black Women Entrepreneurs in Great Britain.

Our aim is to promote innovative, creative and talented black women in business across Great Britain, the Black Female Entrepreneurs that contribute in creating economic growth and social wellbeing.


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