Shalom Lloyd

A proud mother of five, a terrific friend and a passionate workaholic. An award-winning, senior business professional, with broad experience from the pharmaceutical industry, leading from the front to drive success.

Delivers strategic business acumen, entrepreneurial vision and a will to win with a proven track record in achieving results, growing businesses from within large organisations and now her own start-up, Naturally Tribal Skincare.

A British Nigerian with a science background, educated in the former Soviet Union, and an MBA from the University of Liverpool resulting in a cross-cultural background which has enabled her push for diversity and cultural awareness in the global business place.

Shalom is also the Chief Strategy Officer at Emerging Markets Quality Trials (eMQT), a non-profit organisation focused on providing the global pharmaceutical industry access to patients in Africa.

She is a Commonwealth Export Champion, a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor and a STEM Ambassador.