Black Women in Business Awards

Black Women in Business Awards
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Black Women in Business Awards was launched to recognise and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of exceptional Black Women in the UK. There are many Black Women in positions of authority and influence within public and private sectors in the UK, many of whom have succeeded amidst various challenges.

These women have worked hard to break down barriers and stigma attached to the successful, independent and entrepreneurial black woman. They have been innovative, outstanding, creative and dynamic in their fields and have supported and contributed to the socio-economic state of the UK.

We are not only looking to acknowledge and recognise women in large corporations and prominent roles, but also women who have set up and manage smaller business operations as well as those who display and maintain entrepreneurial spirit.

This years Awards Program

This years Awards Program is in Partnership with the Charity The Wulugu Project based in Ghana who focus on tackling poverty through education. Selected proceeds of this years awards program will be donated to our partnered charity.

The Black Women in Business Awards is dedicated, committed and enthusiastic in raising awareness of the underrepresented Black Females in businesses and society who contribute positively to the economy. Our Awards Program takes pride in its Vision to Encourage, Empower and Promote Excellence amongst Black Women in Businesses.

Our mission is to do so by providing the platform for visibility through the Black Women in Business Award Program. For further information on this years awards program or to become a partner please email us at:
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